Inspos + Friends

Most of my inspiration comes from artists, filmmakers, musicians, paintings, murals, films and magazines. From Hypebeast to Lorde to Chance the Rapper to Interstellar blah blah blah...I don't think Pinterest would have enough room for me to pin point all those.

So instead, I want to introduce you to friends, dear to me, that have taught + inspired me through their work, but mostly with who they are behind closed doors: full of integrity + humility + love. 


Ryan Booth

Filmmaker + Director + DP + Nerf Basketball Champion

First met Ryan through a casual passing-by of a "hello" while he was hanging out at a local studio/art gallery on the famous Taft St. of Houston, Tx. Little did I know, 5 years would go by and work would make us cross paths. More than all the titles creatives can make up, Ryan first and foremost is a better friend + mentor. Thanks Ryan.


Shaider Divina

Creative Director + Photographer + Michael Jackson Moves Conniseur

My path with Shaider was similar to Ryan's. Met 3-4 years ago, never saw him again. 2016 had us cross paths not because of work or Instagram, but through friendship developed at a church service. This guy pushes my creative envelope I restrict myself in. Together we dream + execute. Thank you for teaching me how to be a better Filipino/Singaporean.

Ally Wallace

Fine Artist + Honorary 5th Member of HAIM (so it's been rumored)

I met Ally Wallace through our local church at the time in which I worked with her awesome husband, Steve! (Check out My fiance and I immediately were drawn by some LIVE paintings Ally had produced. When you see an Alexandria Wallace painting, you know it's none other than her with the genuine strokes and timeless creativity she produces on canvas.