For the next two weeks, I'll be spending time on a Holy Land Pilgrimage in Israel with Ecclesia Houston and my Pastor, Chris Seay. I'll be posting daily updates at the end of every day documenting moments through photo and video. I recommend following our fellow friend + genius photographer, Kirby Trapolino, at

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Today, our group of 30+ arrived in Tel-Aviv, where we greeted them with a warm welcome and delicious dinner in Haifa near Tel-Aviv. But better than our welcome, was the Mediterranean Sea's welcome with its beautiful sunset. Below are a few photographs I was able to capture.

During our Holy Land Tour, we'll be hosted by Breaking Bread Journeys. They are the first joint Palestinian-Israeli tour company. We will be visiting locations not many tourists visit. As part of this journey, much of our touring will be woven around the table as we experience new tastes and hear from the locals who prepare the meals.

I was really excited to see this shot only to see my focus was horrible as I ran across the street. Somehow, I still loved it though. There's probably a sermon in that but it's too early to preach